About the effects: More volume, more natural beauty, more color – this is how Rapidbrow is supposed to work. This is the product launched by the same brand which offers popular Rapidlash eyelash serum. Does the eyebrow serum produce equally average effects as the lash serum does? Unfortunately, it does.

People who expect to achieve spectacular effects shouldn’t think about getting this eyebrow serum. These consumers should go for a serum that offers stronger effects. What Rapidbrow does is reinforcement and regeneration, yet it doesn’t accelerate eyebrow growth as much as most people expect it to. Still, Rapidbrow is good at nourishing and moisturizing.

This eyebrow serum bases its action on so-called Hexatein®2 Complex, which is a blend of six nourishing substances: peptides, biotine, panthenol, keratin, apple extract and sweet almond extract. The list of ingredients is pretty long and you can find there some silicones and other synthetic substances.

It’s worth realizing that Rapidbrow can be safely used by contact lens wearers (naturally, they have to be removed prior to application of the eyebrow serum). Also, Rapidbrow was tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

Rapidbrow wasn’t tested on animals, which is a crucial piece of information for many consumers. Sadly, there is no information confirming that this product is free from animal origin ingredients.

Use: Rapidbrow eyebrow serum should be applied twice a day. This is fairly untypical way of using eyebrow serum, therefore if you skip reading the leaflet, you might end up applying the serum too rarely, and what is connected with this, the effects might be not good enough.

How to apply Rapidbrow? Application is truly simple. You have to dunk the applicator in the serum, glide it over one eyebrow (in the direction of the hair growth) and repeat the procedure on the other brow ridge.

Conclusion: Despite being popular, Rapidbrow isn’t extraordinarily effective. The eyebrow serum is enriched with peptides and a blend of conditioning substances. Rapidbrow is recommended to those who wish to nourish and moisturize their eyebrows.