About the effects: How can you recognize which cosmetic is good? The effects a product delivers and the ingredients it is made from seem to be two major indicators. In the case of Revitabrow, the good formula doesn’t go hand in hand with the effectiveness that many women complain about.

You definitely expect more from an eyebrow serum that costs that much than offering just eyebrow nourishment and reinforcement. Actually, this effect is given by any product of this type.

How does Revitabrow work? In theory this is an eyebrow serum helping restore eyebrows that are damaged because of over-plucking, weakened due to ageing and sparse. These great promises are only partially true. The consumers confirm that eyebrows do get darker and fuller but only when their state is really miserable at the beginning.

The effects that Revitabrow delivers are the result of enriching the formula with plant extracts: ginseng, green tea, common marigold, saw palmetto, wheat and honeysuckle. Pretty decent.

One of this product’s pluses is the expiration date that is quite long here – the serum can be safely used for 12 months from the first unscrewing.

Use: The most important part of applying Revitabrow is making skin ready for the serum. This product can be spread only on clean and dry brow ridge, which means that you must remove makeup thoroughly first.

The application itself isn’t difficult at all mainly thanks to a small, convenient and well-designed applicator. Its soft tip allows you to apply the serum fairly precisely to both eyebrows.

Conclusion: Revitabrow may appear to be a good eyebrow serum for those who want to achieve eyebrow reinforcement and color enhancement. However, after taking into consideration the way it works, it turns out that the serum isn’t cost-effective.