About the effects: This eyebrow growth promoting serum – Xbrow – was launched by the same brand that offers Xlash eyelash serum. Although the products aren’t recognized as top ones, there are many satisfied consumers worldwide who recommend both enhancers.

Xbrow is an eyebrow serum developed to condition thin, fair, sparse and damaged eyebrows. It’s recommended to people who expect to achieve natural-looking effects.

The first effects can be noticed approximately in 3 or 4 week, although the satisfying ones are achieved after around 12-16 weeks. This is quite long turnaround time especially when realizing that for such a high price most users wish to obtain the results faster, which is offered by many other similar products, but not necessarily by this one.

What can be gained due to regular application of Xbrow? It intensifies the color and adds body to eyebrows, which is why the brow ridges get filled and look prettier. It’s easier to apply eyebrow makeup too.

A crucial information concerns some contraindications to Xbrow eyebrow use. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s advised to postpone exposing your eyebrows to Xbrow treatment. This product wasn’t tested on the underage either.

Use: Alike every eyebrow serum, Xbrow has to be carefully applied to both eyebrows. Only then can you expect to achieve the desired results. Also, the eyebrow serum shouldn’t be applied to eyebrows that haven’t been thoroughly cleansed. Otherise, makeup residues will impede product’s penetration so it won’t be able to create the looked-for effects.

Xbrow comes with a convenient and soft applicator that picks up the optimal amount of the serum and ensures using the product in an effective way. Sadly, the sponge applicator is too soft to be used as an eyebrow combing and styling tool.

Conclusion: Xbrow eyebrow serum is a cosmetic which can be described as interesting and gentle, yet it won’t satisfy needs of all users. Also, by no means does the cost of the serum mirrors its efficiency and quality.