3D Eyebrows: What are eyebrow building and eyebrow sculpting?

It wasn’t that long ago when cosmetic procedures that aimed at improving the appearance of eyebrows included only henna tinting and tweezing. Nowadays, the offer of beauty salons is definitely wider thanks to which we can get the perfect brow shape, make the arches look full and dark. One of the methods focusing on boosting thickness of brows is 3D eyebrows procedure. What should you know about this beauty treatment?

Today it would be hard to find a woman who doesn’t care about how her eyebrows look. We’re aware that these are eyebrows that are responsible for maintaining the symmetry of our face and gifting it with this customized style. And this is the very reason why the growing number of ladies decide to go for professional eyebrow procedures to get their arches fuller-looking. Find out basic information about one of such cosmetic procedures, that is 3D eyebrows.

What are eyebrow building and eyebrow sculpting?

This is a non-invasive (contrary to permanent eyebrows) treatment that is performed in order to improve the appearance of eyebrows and create the most flattering eyebrow shape. The said 3D effect is achieved thanks to two separate procedures that involve attaching false hairs to natural eyebrows and drawing fake ones. This is how brow building and brow sculpting procedures can be summarized.

Who can benefit from 3D eyebrows?

Eyebrow building and sculpting is a perfect way to improve not only one’s appearance but also self-esteem. After all, stunning eyebrows help us feel good in our own skin. In which cases and who is mostly recommended to take advantage of this beauty procedure?

3D eyebrows make a good option for:

  • those who have thin and fine eyebrows
  • those who are losing their brows due to diseases, stress or some treatments
  • patients actively undergoing chemotherapy (3D eyebrows are safe)
  • those who want to find out whether a particular brow shape suits them before going for permanent eyebrows
  • everyone whose eyebrows are clearly asymmetrical
  • ladies whose permanent eyebrow is no longer visible
  • women who want to fix botched permanent eyebrows

Eyebrow building and eyebrow sculpting due to 3D technique (step by step)

Eyebrow building and eyebrow sculpting are two separate procedures that when combined together create impressive effects. Achieving 3D eyebrows is possible thanks to attaching and drawing extra brow hairs to the existent eyebrows. Sometimes it happens that a brow artist makes use of one of the procedures only because the brows are too sparse to expose them to both stages of 3D eyebrows procedure.

  1. Eyebrow building – this is the first stage of making brow thicker and it depends on attaching tiny eyebrow hairs (either synthetic or natural) to natural brow hairs using 1:1 method, which in fact is commonly used for eyelash extension purposes. As a result, eyebrows become fuller-looking and the entire brow arch wins definition.
  2. Eyebrow sculpting – this is the second stage that focuses on reconstructing brows in the areas where there are no hairs to attach an extra hair to. The false hairs are drawn with a dedicated fine applicator. This is how a brow artist creates full, dark and thick 3D eyebrows, not just a flat image of eyebrows.

3D eyebrows aftercare tips

Before exposing your face to this treatment, you should realize that the effects achieved thanks to eyebrow building and eyebrow sculpting last longer than regular eyebrow makeup, however, they aren’t as long-wearing as permanent eyebrows.

Yet, you can help your 3D eyebrows last longer. Just try not to touch the brows, nibble them, scratch or comb them. Avoiding swimming pools, sauna and solarium for the first 48h would also help tremendously. Moreover, you should resign from both applying and removing regular eyebrow makeup. Last but not least thing that may help you enjoy 3D eyebrows for longer is that sometimes rubbing the brows with towel or against a pillow during sleeping may also have a negatively influence. Therefore, be gentle with your picture-perfect eyebrows.