Powder eyebrows: Not-so-classic henna brow tinting

Do you know how the powder eyebrows procedure looks like? If you associate it with permanent makeup only, then it means that you don’t keep up with the latest beauty trends. Currently, you can get powder eyebrows done with henna.

What should you know about powder eyebrows?

Undoubtedly, this is the latest trend in beauty treatments that improves appearance of eyebrows. Up to the present, the procedure called henna involved applying special dyes to eyebrows. Also, this procedure wasn’t proceeded with full eyebrow mapping, as it is done nowadays. Powder eyebrows procedure offers you a new quality and is a tough competition to the most popular permanent eyebrow makeup.

Powder eyebrows VS Henna eyebrows

Actually, there are almost no similarities when comparing both procedures since they differ in terms of: tint application, products used, wearability of effects and outcomes. If you are a fan of permanent eyebrows, you should learn why powder eyebrows are considered better than this old-fashioned henna brow tinting.

Regular henna eyebrows – as the professional brow artists would put it – is a procedure that involves using a tint (no matter if this is powder, gel or cream). In most cases, the product carrying the label ‘henna’ – which is used for this cosmetic procedure – has nothing in common with natural henna. This is just a mixture of synthetic substances that have to be combined with hydrogen peroxide (a mild antiseptic).

Powder eyebrows procedure in turn is carried out with natural henna, which is a product made from Lawsonia, Indygo and Cocoa leaves. What’s important to realize, natural henna doesn’t only dye brows and skin but also delivers nourishment and reinforcement.

What makes powder eyebrows better than henna eyebrows?

It’s good to know that powder eyebrows procedure offers better effects because:

  • it requires using natural, not synthetic substances
  • it leaves eyebrows well-nourished and gifts them with the right color
  • the results last longer when compared with the results achieved with henna brow tinting
  • is less invasive but equally effective as permanent eyebrows
  • the results can be customized (you can match the tint with complexion and hair color)

The benefits of powder eyebrows

Before visiting a beauty salon, it’s better to learn one basic thing, that is: how do powder brows look?

Powder eyebrow procedure is able to change weak, thin and sparse brow arches into shiny and resilient eyebrows. Apart from nourishing, regenerating and revitalizing, this cosmetic procedure also intensifies natural brow color, which is why the brows become nicely defined and look fuller. Furthermore, the effects created thanks to powder eyebrows are natural-looking. Each powder eyebrow procedure starts with eyebrow mapping, which is another reason why eyebrows exposed to this treatment look gorgeous. Finally, henna used for this procedure fills all the sparse areas which results in achieving even and full-looking brow arches.

How does the procedure of powder eyebrows look?

Powder eyebrows procedure consists of a few stages. Each of them influence the final outcome.

Time required: 60 minutes

  1. Makeup removal – the very first step involves precise removal of all color cosmetics, dirt, dust and sebum from the eyebrows.
  2. Conditioning – another very crucial step depends on applying a special conditioner that makes skin nourished, well-hydrated and ready for the the procedure.
  3. Eyebrow mapping – with the aid of special measuring tools and techniques, a brow artist determines the most flattering shape of eyebrows for a client. The outline is going to be filled in with natural henna later.
  4. Skin securing – before treating eyebrows with henna, the brow artist applies a white paste around the outline that she just mapped. This prevents skin from being stained.
  5. Henna application – this is the most important stage during which the brow artist spreads henna mixture along eyebrows (she fills in the outline mapped out during stage 3.)
  6. Cleansing – the brow artist removes henna after 20-30 minutes.
  7. Eyebrow shaping – as the final step, the brow artist uses tweezers to pluck out any unnecessary hairs that spoil the final effect as well as to buff out the arches.