Colorful eyebrows! Will you dare to try the look?

Make-up, particularly stage make-up, plays by its own rules. Color extravagance is welcome. Eyebrows having colors of a rainbow aren’t exclusive to summer festivals, photo shoots or parties. Check how you can use colorful brow make-up on a daily basis.

With a few strokes of a pencil or a bit of powder you can make over the appearance of your face. Defined with the appropriate color, eyebrows show our emotions, sharpen or slenderize the facial features, and bring out the beauty of the eyes. Do you have to restrict yourself to using brown, gray and blonde hues?

Colorful eyebrows – yes or no?

Currently, the color range of brow fillers isn’t all about natural shades. Is it a good thing? Sure it is! Particularly for the fans of daring look. Your colorful outfit can be completed by colorful brows – the symbol of independence, craziness and equally colorful personality.

Hands down colorful brow arches are a thing for people who really like to stand out, looking unusual and extraordinary. If you don’t have enough courage to wear blue or rainbow brows in public, you’d better stick to standard make-up.

You must feel good and confident – this is the priority! If you’re big on bright colors, test the trend. If you’re not, stick to classics.

What colors to use on brows?

Until only recently all we could use on brows were shades of brown, gray, blonde and black. Now, bright colors on brows start trending.

Do you know what colors you can use on your brows? There are no limitations and you can try just any color you like – all colors of a rainbow, variety of shades, saturation and… combinations.

On the other hand, you can’t just use any random product. You should follow a couple of rules:

  • the color on brows should match other make-up products on your face.
  • the brow color must go with your outfit and hair color.
  • you shouldn’t use too many colors.

Bright colors, that is top three eyebrow styling tips

Of course you can create a different effect every time you apply your colorful makeup, choosing different color of brow products.

Let’s check out the basic types of make-up featuring bright and colorful eyebrow arches.

  1. Colorful brows as the “highlight”. This means you create no-make-up make-up using neutral, subtle colors, and only the brows are defined and bold – they must be the key point of your look. Ideally, pick one color suited to your outfit.
  2. Colorful brows of the same shade as the entire make-up. If you decide on one leading color of your make-up e.g. violet or blue, you can color your brows the same color yet make them slightly bolder.
  3. Colorful brows as a contrast to eye or lip make-up. This one is the most daring so if you dare you can contrast brow colors with eye/lip make-up. For example if your eyeshadow is gold, you can color your brows bottle green or red.