Eyebrow Extension Fad! Hit or Miss?

While searching for effective, natural treatments for thicker brows, we come across plenty of ideas that both surprise us and make us want to… test them. Fake brows are one of them. Are they good to use on a daily basis?

There are numerous things you can use for improving the appearance of your brows: eyebrow serums, natural vegetable oils, massage, makeup, etc. Brow tattooing is yet another method but it arouses many doubts and costs a lot. Eyebrow tinting is much cheaper but it doesn’t work for everybody either.

Are there any other ways of getting long-wear, bold brow definition fast? There’s a new arrival that we should get familiar with: eyebrow extensions.

Eyebrow extensions: uses

Brow extensions might make a good pick for all people who don’t like their natural brows and at the same time don’t have time for lengthy, tedious growth and thickening treatments. Sometimes we simply feel like getting rid of our own brows and getting falsies instead so they look flawlessly all the time – now it’s possible to achieve.

At the same time you need to realize that fake brows never look as beautiful as natural brows gently enhanced by makeup. Obviously the type of extensions matters too.

Types of eyebrow extensions

Even though eyebrow extension is a new fad, there are a couple of types to try.

  1. Eyebrow extension strips, that is brow hair-imitating fibers on a thin, elastic strip. They are the most popular among Asian women whose natural brows look… like they’re not there. Instead of applying makeup, they shave their own brow hair and attach extensions instead. Of course, they are available in different colors, sizes and shapes so you can adjust them to the face shape.
  2. Eyebrow extension gel comes in a convenient jar or bottle and it looks a bit like brow tint. The small container holds synthetic hairs dipped in gel. After the application you get the effect of fuller-looking and bolder brows. Sadly, you can easily apply too many hairs and get the unnatural look.
  3. Individual eyebrow extensions are designed for professional use and have different thickness and color. The length of a single hair usually ranges from 4 to 7 millimeters. Individual brow extensions are made for brow reconstruction and involves glueing fake hairs to natural ones. The procedure results in fuller, defined brow arches and camouflage of patches.

Eyebrow extensions. Hit or miss?

While we explore the topic, brow extensions might sound like a pretty good idea that saves time and money you’d have to give to traditional makeup or brow tattoo. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, eyebrow extensions never look fleek and never replace natural brows. They might look good from the distance but you can’t hide the fake look when somebody comes closer…