Eyebrow Makeup: How to Apply it for Fleek Brows?

Lovely, fancy-looking brows make a perfect finish of every makeup. They give the face the character and make us look charming and feminine. To emphasize them, use powders, pomades, tints, mascaras or pencils – the choice is huge because the above-eye arches have become one of the key elements of our faces according to makeup trends. Before filling them in, you need to mark their shape, that is the start, highest point and end.

How to fill in brows? First things first!

Before reaching for the right makeup products, you should know the way of defining the brow shape and length so that they look natural, ideally matching the face. For marking the strategic points (start, arch, end of brows) you can make use of makeup brush or pencil – press it to the edge of the nose so that it goes through the inner and outer eye corner (start and end of brows) as well as through the pupil to get the most flattering arch point. Now you’re ready to move on to makeup.

How to choose the best color of eyebrow makeup products?

Natural-looking effect can be achieved only when you choose the right colors. You should adjust it to the natural color of your head hair. Usually one tone darker than your hair is the best choice.

How to fill in light-colored brows?

Very fair brows are subtle so you must be careful both with the color of the product and its amount. Therefore, a delicate pressed brow powder makes the best choice. As far as application is concerned, a thin, angled brush works ideally. Before applying the product to brows, give them a brush using a spoolie or clean mascara wand. Apply it gradually: start with delicate strokes and then add more product.

 How to apply eyebrow powder?

It is simple provided that you follow the right order of applying the product: start on the bottom line – at the point that you marked as the start of brows. Draw a line along the bottom line, using gentle upward strokes and moving towards the end. Remember that sharp lines don’t look natural.

How to use a brow pencil?

You brow pencil must be sharp enough, and neither too hard (hard to apply) nor too soft (smudgy). First you outline the brows and then fill them in with color. The contour must be subtle so brows don’t look fake.

How to apply makeup to patchy brows?

This type of brows is very common. Gaps in brow arches need filling in and correcting so brows look fuller and nicer. If you don’t like drawing the brow contour and filling in and everyday makeup simply gets on your nerves, you can try growing brows with a pro eyebrow serum.
Brow stylists recommend pomades and tints for filling in patchy brows.

How to use a brow pomade?

A long-wear and usually waterproof pomade lets you create a bolder effect of fleek brows, and you can use hair-like strokes for a very natural result.

Such products are available in small jars and look like cream eyeliners. Use a thin angled brush which lets you build the intensity and adjust the thickness of lines for the best effect.