How NOT to apply makeup to brows? A short eyebrow makeup guide

Way to get model-perfect eyebrows? You just have to know how… NOT to use color cosmetics on eyebrows. Being aware of a few simple rules and tricks may not only save the day but also, with every makeup done, help you master this art to perfection.

Fair, dark, thin, thick, bold or not – there are plenty of ways eyebrows may be. Their color, shape, thickness and volume should go hand in hand with your facial proportions. Obviously, if our eyebrows are defined badly and unskillfully, you will look rather unappealing – and this is what each one of us would like to steer clear of.

Tips on how to get the best eyebrow makeup

It wasn’t that long time ago when eyebrow makeup was about removing all the hair completely and drawing thin lines with a dark pencil. Well, this IS NOT a good way to apply eyebrow makeup.

Today’s unattainable ideal are model-perfect eyebrows – naturally thick, perfectly defined and fabulous. Fortunately, nowadays we have more color cosmetics, brow care products and mostly possibilities to achieve this goal. In a moment, you’re going to find out how to apply eyebrow makeup by the book and create these model-perfect brows with your own fair hands.

The thing is to be aware of how NOT to apply makeup to eyebrows. The rest is just secondary, yet really pleasant and funny to do.

How NOT to apply makeup to eyebrows?

The most important rule – just like in life – is learning from the mistakes. Best if the mistakes are someone’s, not ours of course. And this is exactly why it’s a good thing to know how NOT to apply color cosmetics to eyebrows in order to achieve results that even the most skillful makeup artist wouldn’t be ashamed of.

Things you should avoid while applying makeup to your eyebrows:

  1. Don’t you ever use black pencil – the color of your eyebrows has to match your complexion, hair color, etc. Nobody has pitch-black hair by nature.
  2. Don’t fill in the eyebrows before defining their right shape first – each eyebrow should begin and end in a right place on the brow ridges so as not to disturb your facial proportions.
  3. Don’t make the outline of the brows either too angular and too sharp, otherwise you will create comic book eyebrows.
  4. Don’t overdo with the eyebrow shape – eyebrows that preserve their natural thickness and simply go with the natural arch look the most appealing. The thickest point of your eyebrow should be its beginning to gradually taper and get the narrowest at the tail.
  5. Don’t apply heavy makeup because natural eyebrow color are never even and flat. To get your best eyebrows ever, try to create color gradient. Also, don’t forget to blend the upper part of your brows.
  6. Avoid too thin, too thick, too long, too short eyebrows – finding the right shape of your brows is truly easy! After all, it’s just about right mapping and minding the symmetry, which in fact is really important here.
  7. Don’t draw thin lines that are supposed to imitate real hairs – obviously, you should draw some hairs but you must do it in such a way to achieve the most realistic effect possible. Black lines that runs across the brows, the line that clearly stands out due to being darker colour will never give you natural-looking eyebrows.
  8. Don’t set the brows either too close or too far from each other because there will be noting that could fix the final effect, even if you manage to gift the brows with the right shape and color.