Is there any connection between face shape and eyebrow shape? What brows suit you best?

Eyebrows have the power! Defined with makeup products and perfectly mapped eyebrows alone are enough to gift your face with an entire new and fresh look. Find out how to match the right shape of your eyebrows to your face shape. You will be surprised how easy this task is!

What influences the appearance of face? Indeed, our emotions are expressed mostly by our eyes. But what makes our eyes beautiful? Undoubtedly, this mission belongs to eyebrows – fleek eyebrows.

Yes, this is true – eyebrows form the key element of our faces! Just think, thanks to applying makeup products to the brows in a particular way, you can improve the appearance of your face. How so? For example, thanks to choosing the right eyebrow shape, you can fix a large forehead, slim down a bulbous nose, make your eyes look bigger and open widely or draw the attention away from sharp jawline. Sounds good?

How to determine the best eyebrow shape? General rules

Before you dive into giving your eyebrows the definition they lack and applying your favorite makeup products, you should learn a few simple techniques that ease mapping the perfect shape of eyebrows. Once you get acquainted with them, you will encounter no problems whatsoever with creating fabulous arches.

  1. The starting point of your eyebrows is determined by a vertical line that runs along an edge of your nose.
  2. The ending point of your eyebrows is determined by a straight line that runs diagonally from the edge of the nostril and stretches over the outer corner of the eye.
  3. The arch is also determined by a straight line running diagonally, but it has to line up with the iris.

Model-perfect eyebrows: Smooth or sharp angled arch?

Determining the start, end and arch of eyebrows is just the beginning. Both the thickness and the curve also have an immense influence over the final look you create. Of course, you can go either for a smooth curve or a sharp angled finish. The shape of your face determines whether your arch should be more wispy or not.

The golden rules say that the shape of eyebrows has to be exactly opposite the shape of the face. What does it mean? It’s pretty simple. If a face has strong features, the brows should be smooth.

It’s also important to avoid creating two identical eyebrows. Our faces are rather asymmetrical by nature therefore using stencil to determine the brow shape is a really bad idea.

Face shape vs. eyebrow shape

How to match the right shape of eyebrows when you have:

  • Oval face – this is the most universal shape that goes with various eyebrows shapes. Owners of oval faces don’t have to follow strict rules concerning eyebrow shaping. The only thing to remember though is to make sure that the eyebrows look pretty natural and are rather smooth. Also, check if they gradually taper to a point at the end.
  • Round face – this face shape needs to be made sharper and slimmed down. Therefore, the eyebrows you’re going to create should be clearly angled and pointy with dropping ends.
  • Square face – you shouldn’t make this face shape more angled. Actually, it would be better if you went for softening the facial features, one of which is formed by eyebrows. Thus, choose the brows that are subtly curved and feature no sharp edges – let them run smoothly.
  • Long face – being rather elongated, this face type needs to be made shorter which is easy to achieve thanks to creating thick and full-looking eyebrows. Apart from that, the brows should be rather straight, with no sharp arch.
  • Diamond face – this face shape has one minor flaw, that is a wide forehead. Luckily, you can draw the attention away from it by creating classic eyebrow arches that are pretty close to each other. Also, if you manage to lift them slightly, the final effect will be even more satisfying.