Permanent brows make-up vs. regular make-up. What’s better?

When the choice presents itself as permanent make-up versus regular make-up, we often tend to be keener on the first option. The long-lasting effect is encouraging. However, it is worth keeping in mind that for brows that is not always the best option. Check out the comparison of both the pros and cons of the two make-up techniques.

The most beautiful are brows that perfectly fit the face and when looking at it we think: she looks beautiful!

The perfect eyebrows, i.e. what…

There is no such thing as one universal perfection. The eyebrows must have the right shape, length, thickness, bow – all the ‘parameters’ have to match given face shape.

Luckily there are methods to determine brows shape and color. This type of brows geometry is usually performed before permanent make-up treatment, i.e. one of the methods for beautiful brows. Another method is something all of us know all too well, which is regular make-up.

Is permanent make-up regular one equally effective when it comes to beautifying the brows?


Permanent make-up treatment is by many people compared to getting a tattoo. After all, the effect is almost as long-lasting and injecting the pigment into the skin resembles the way tattoo artist does the tattoo on the body. Taking into consideration the similarities between the two treatments, there are plenty of pros as well as cons to permanent make-up.

What are the pros of permanent make-up?

  1. it is long-lasting so there is no need to waste time for daily make-up,
  2. boosts self-confidence because brows always look flawless,
  3. spares you time and expenses you would have buying cosmetics for brows,
  4. it is waterproof, sweat and atmospheric factors resistant.

What are the cons of permanent make-up?

  1. it is a very expensive treatment,
  2. there is very few qualified beauticians,
  3. poorly made permanent make-up is something we have to deal with for years,
  4. the only way to remove it is with laser treatment,
  5. post-treatment skin is healing for a long time and is irritated.


On the other side of the ring, we have less durable make-up which many women do every day. Brows can be outlined with a pencil, brow tint, pomade or special gel pens. You just have to choose the right color and perform make-up in the most natural way possible. However, if there would be only the pros of a regular make-up, there wouldn’t be so many people getting permanent make-up.

What are the pros of regular make-up?

  1. it’s way more affordable,
  2. allows you to shape the brow ridge a bit different each time,
  3. it is not invasive because it is made on the skin not underneath it,
  4. its color and form can be matched with the make-up and stylization.

What are the cons of regular make-up?

  1. it is not long-lasting and comes off under the impact of water, rain, etc.,
  2. you have to do it all over again every day so it’s time-consuming,
  3. when done too quickly can look not so good,
  4. you need to have the right cosmetics and skills for it.

Recap – permanent vs. regular make-up

The choice between permanent and regular make-up is not that simple. It depends on our expectations, how much time you can spare for it and what kind of budget you have.

Permanent eyebrows make-up is a good option for those who can afford a onetime luxury of such an expensive treatment while really need it because they do not have time for daily make-up. On the other hand, if you do not have a large budget and all in all you do not mind everyday make-up, you can just stick to regular make-up.