Proven ways to get picture-perfect eyebrows. A few makeup tricks that you have to know!

When it comes to flawless makeup then each, even the tiniest detail matters. Especially when it comes to makeup of eyebrows whose perfectly defined arches are the best way to achieve gorgeous look. How to do it correctly?

Flawless eyebrow makeup is an art that requires using the right color cosmetics and having a little bit of free time, but mostly it requires having some manual skills. However, without knowing how to do eyebrow makeup correctly, you shouldn’t expect the effects to be even near to satisfactory.

Still, there are just several makeup tricks to learn to understand how to create the mesmerizing effect of stunning, thick and defined eyebrows. Once you get antiquated with them, you will realize that this process is just a matter of a few pencil/brush strokes.

TOP 5 MAKEUP TRICKS: Perfectly defined eyebrows

How to apply color cosmetics to eyebrows to get the flawless look? Here are easy-to-follow makeup tricks that you should know.

1. Contour first, filling in later

If you want to create perfectly-shaped eyebrows, you have to map their contour first and then you can proceed with filling in the sparse areas. Take a sharp eyebrow pencil, an angled brush and a pomade. Mark the start, the tail and the highest point, that is the arch. Eyebrow mapping tips can be found in many online eyebrow guides. After that, accentuate the upper and lower line to bring out your perfect eyebrow shape. Filling in the outline using a brow pencil, eyebrow shadow or pomade is the last step that you have to take.

2. Blended outlines look more natural

Leaving too clearly defined brow outline is one of the most common mistakes made while enhancing the arches. Even though the bottom of eyebrow should be a little bit more accentuated, the beginning and the upper line look better when subtly blended with skin. To achieve this effect, once you applied the color cosmetics to brows, take a beauty blender and try to make the lines less visible. Obviously, you can also try to do this with your hands – just make sure that the effect created gives you natural look. Ombre eyebrows, which is a technique that makes use of shading to create subtle color gradient, are really effective.

3. Combed eyebrows equal prettier eyebrows

Don’t expect the eyebrows to look good if they are shaggy and the hair ends point out all possible directions. Therefore – always after doing makeup – take a spoolie and run it from the inner to outer edge of brows. If you don’t have any spoolie at hand, take a regular mascara wand; but clean it first. However, if you still see some hairs ‘soaring’, you can use small scissors (e.g. manicure scissors) and trim them. But be careful with that!

4. Nude pencil or shadow applied at the bottom of the brow arches

In order to accentuate the perfect eyebrow shape even more, you should make use of a nude color (no matter if a shadow or pencil) and apply it to the mobile eyelid and right below the bottom of eyebrows. A nude color cosmetic won’t be too plain to see, yet it will bring out the skin area between eyebrows and eyelids. It’s worth realizing that the bottom of eyebrows should be accentuated with a smooth line, hence this simple trick.

5. Removing unnecessary hairs growing outside the outline of perfect eyebrows

The last stage of eyebrow makeup is… eyebrow shaping. Indeed, you got this right. Although you’ve done this recently, there is always a hair or two that emerged unwelcome. Therefore, once you apply eyebrow makeup, take tweezers and pluck the hairs out. Of course, this is just a detail, yet it’s better to take care of it because sometimes just one, tiny hair might spoil even the prettiest makeup – it will simply draw attention away from your picture-perfect eyebrows.