The good and the bad of eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is one of the ways of getting fleek brows within a couple of minutes. Do you know where the method originates from? What does this form of brow shaping do and how fast hairs grow back after that? Discover the good and the bad of eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow grooming, shaping and filling-in are the brow challenges we face up to, and that is why we must know the most effective ways to create the healthiest and prettiest brow arches.

Eyebrow threading: get amazing eyebrow definition the Asian way

This is a brow shaping method that Indian women have been using for ages, passed on from generation to generation, and it has been made popular worldwide only recently. What’s brow threading exactly?

The procedure requires the use of a thin, cotton thread which should be quite hard so that it doesn’t break when it’s gently strung – this is the tool used for removing unwanted hairs.

Step by step: how to do brow threading?

1. Priming the brows

Firstly, the skin and brows must be cleared of makeup, dirt and excess of sebum. A bit of mineral powder works well for mattifying and drying the area. Then, a few strokes with a spoolie and the brows are ready for shaping.

2. Getting thread ready

This is a very important step because the thread must be properly twisted so that hairs can be plucked. First, create a loop by tying the ends together. Then, cross the thread in the middle by twisting it a few times. If you can’t get the picture, you can check video tutorials showing how to prepare a brow thread.

3. Brow threading

It’s time for the key stage, that is brow threading. Hold the thread by the skin and remove unnecessary brows. How? The right motions do the trick: the place of the thread crossing is moved to the right/left, grabbing the hairs and plucking them.

4. Eyebrow care

Once brow threading is finished, it’s worthwhile to nourish and moisturize the brow hair with a light oil or petroleum jelly. Both ingredients add shine, protect, soothe irritations and lock in water.

Benefits and downsides of eyebrow threading

This brow shaping method arouses the biggest number of doubts. Is it safe? How hard is it? Can everyone go for brow threading? Let’s learn all good and bad sides of brow threading which should help you make the right choice and find out if it’s a good brow shaping method for you.

Benefits of brow threading:

  • A natural method using just a cotton thread.
  • Brow threading is recommended for allergy sufferers and owners of sensitive skin.
  • It is the least painful and the most hygienic brow shaping method.
  • Threading is a type of epilation so it removes hairs together with hair bulbs.
  • It is a good way to get rid of face hair.
  • It can be done on other parts of the face.

Downsides of eyebrow threading:

  • Among brow shaping methods, it is one of the hardest to master.
  • Wrongly performed threading causes ingrowns.
  • There’s a risk of breaking the hairs instead of removing them.
  • A poor-quality thread might break, which means lengthy procedure.
  • Brow threading isn’t very popular yet so there are few salons offering it.
  • You can’t use threading on acne skin.