The most wanted brow treatments! What do beauty salons offer?

If you think that microblading is the only brow treatment you can have done in a salon, you must check the novelties that are on offer. You might be surprised by the up-to-the-minute brow treatments!

Most women groom their brows at home. We use henna, shape them, apply makeup. On other hand, we sometimes like to entrust them to professionals – the range of available treatments is impressively wide.

Check out the round-up of the most popular eyebrow grooming and styling treatments.


Hands down this is a basic thing done in beauty salons Рgiving brows the best shape. However, eyebrow mapping is the first step before getting to the proper shaping. Before plucking stray hairs, a technician must mark the shape of your brows that make you look your best. As far as brow shaping is concerned, it can be done in three ways.

  • Tweezing is the most popular and the cheapest but hairs grow back the fastest.
  • Waxing removes more hairs, including the shortest ones, and the effect is longer-lasting.
  • Threading is a pretty new method and the most difficult because hairs are removed with a cotton thread.


Another in-salon brow treatment. Lamination is one of the most effective brow-grooming methods. What does it do? After priming the brows, a beautician applies a product that sets the shape of brows, nourishes and moisturizes as well as adds shine. Eyebrow lamination makes a great pick if your brows grow in an uncontrolled way/in different directions. The effect lasts for a month or so whereas the treatment takes up to 60 minutes.


Shaped and nourished brows need a beautiful color enhancement. If you don’t feel like applying pomade or pencil every day, try having brows colored in a salon. There are two main types and each one gives a slightly different effect.

  • Tinting – it uses a blend of synthetic henna and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Henna – effect lasts longer and uses natural henna which is rich in extra nutrients.


This procedure is made for thin, sparse, limp-looking brows. It is similar to applying lash extensions. In this case, fibers are attached to the brows and make the arches fuller-looking, darker and simply beautiful.


This treatment is similar to lamination and also uses a nutrient-dense (featuring keratin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, vitamin complex) product but it aims at eyebrow repair and accelerating growth. This is what makes it different from lamination which concentrates on improving the appearance and shape of eyebrows.